Luke Zhao

iOS Developer. Prototyper. Currently working @Pinterest.

Privacy Policy

Last updated August 05, 2020

This page intends to serve only as an excerpt from our privacy policy on how your data and privacy would be treated at the apps built by Luke Zhao. Click here to consult our complete privacy statement.

Thanks for trying out my apps. Privacy is very important to me both as a developer and a user. Effort has been made to ensure my apps collect as little information from users as possible.

All your contents, including notes, medias, attachments, and user settings are stored securely on your own devices. If you have an iCloud account, you may choose to sync your contents through iCloud. I do this via Apple’s CloudKit API, so your contents are only being sent through Apple’s server and stored in your own iCloud storage space.

I do, however, use the following third party services to help keep my apps running. Caution has been made to ensure only the most trustworthy third party services are being employed. They collect some usage data on behalf of my apps as much as necessary and permitted. You may consult their website for more information on their privacy policy: