Luke Zhao iOS Developer ★ UI & 3D Design ★ Tokyo, Japan.

Hero - Elegant transition library for iOS

Hero is a library for building iOS view controller transitions. It provides a layer on top of the UIKit’s cumbersome transition APIs. Making custom transitions an easy task for developers.

Below are some awesome examples showcasing Hero. I would love to include transitions you have made, please contact me to get your transitions featured.

🔷 - included in the example project.

Basic Examples

  1. Basic 🔷
  2. Music Player 🔷
  3. Menu 🔷
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Spector (Brand Icon Design)

Spector was a startup idea born in a hackathon. The app find local inspectors to help user rent or buy houses. The user will receive detail analysis about whichever housing he/she is interested. I did the initial web development and designed the initial mockup for this project.

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Footprint (iOS Diary App)

Footprint is a minimalistic note taking app. Goal is to give you the best possible user experience available for helping you capture you life events. Made with subtle animation and delightful gestures which truly utilizes the power of your device. 

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Project Delivery (iOS App Concept)

Project Delivery is iOS UI concept made in Nov 2015. It is an P2P on-demand delivery app that can deliver anything from your local stores(similar to Postmate or UberRUSH). At the time I was experimenting with translucent UI elements and interactive animations. I have made a prototype using techologies like Firebase, UIKit Dynamic and SpriteKit.

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Instant Chat (iOS App Design)

Instant Chat is iOS UI design made in 2014. As you can see, it is just a simple chat app. I was learning swift(v1) and made an unpublished app using this design. The sad part is the source code completely won’t compile now (T T).

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