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Hero - Elegant transition library for iOS

Hero is a library for building iOS view controller transitions. It provides a layer on top of the UIKit’s cumbersome transition APIs. Making custom transitions an easy task for developers.

Below are some awesome examples showcasing Hero. I would love to include transitions you have made, please contact me to get your transitions featured.

πŸ”· - included in the example project.

Basic Examples

  1. Basic πŸ”·
  2. Music Player πŸ”·
  3. Menu πŸ”·

Collection Examples

  1. City Guide πŸ”·
  2. List To Grid πŸ”·
  3. Image Gallery πŸ”·

Interactive Examples

  1. Video Player πŸ”·
  2. Image Viewer πŸ”·
  3. Apple Home Page Transition πŸ”·

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