Luke Zhao iOS Developer ★ UI & 3D Design ★ Tokyo, Japan.

blog init (testing with TinyPress and Jekyll)

Well, this is the fifth try.

I have long been waiting to create my own blog. I have tried it a few times using Wordpress, Jekyll and Tumblr. I wrote on different things but none are technical. They each lasted for a few weeks before I stop visiting them. I know that it’s not the tools’ fault but my laziness. However! This time I will try my best on keeping a good blogging habit.

I have been trying a lot of new things lately:

  1. Making cakes
  2. Learning 3D graphics library (OpenGL, Metal, shaders, Linear Algebra)
  3. Learning 3D modelling/sculpting using Zbrush, maya, and MavelousDesigner.
  4. Trading stocks and playing with algorithmic trading using Quantopian

I’m still in my second last semester here at University of Waterloo. Currently I’m taking courses on all kinds of subjects: AI, Japanese, East Asia history and some basic Actual Science. So in addition to the three things I listed above, I might write about interesting stuff I do in school as well.

I am quite frustrated on setting up my own web server and develop custom themes for other blogging platform. This time I will be using TinyPress. It is basically a web interface for setting and editing Jekyll GitHub pages. I will post impressions after some times.

func Hello(){
    print("Hello TinyPress and Jekyll!")