Luke Zhao iOS Developer ★ UI & 3D Design ★ Tokyo, Japan.

Project Delivery (iOS App Concept)

Project Delivery is iOS UI concept made in Nov 2015. It is an P2P on-demand delivery app that can deliver anything from your local stores(similar to Postmate or UberRUSH). At the time I was experimenting with translucent UI elements and interactive animations. I have made a prototype using techologies like Firebase, UIKit Dynamic and SpriteKit.

Home Screen

There are some cool interactions I built on the Home Screen.

  1. On top there is the nearby cards. which is a UICollectionView with a custom layout powered by UIKit Dynamics
  2. The middle section is a category selection that is inspired by Apple Music’s UI. It is powered by SceneKit and UIKit Dynamics
  3. The transition between the home screen and the next screen is down via a interactive transition.

Submission Screen

This is the page shown whenever user confirms his/her order. It is a simple view built using DGActivityIndicatorView.

Rest of the design

These design are done in Sketch.